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Montserrat Legislative Assembly

Rules of Debate

Mode of addressing assembly

A member desiring to speak shall rise in his place and address his observations to the Speaker or, if the Assembly is in Committee to the Chairman. 

A member shall not read his speech, but he may read reasonably short extracts from written or printed papers in support of his argument, any may refresh his memory by reference to notes. 

A member must confine his observations to the subject under discussion. 

A member which speaking on a question must not:

  • refer to any matter on which a judicial decision is pending, in such a way as may prejudice the interests of the parties thereto;
  • impute improper motives to any other members;
  • use the King’s name for the purpose of influencing the debate;
  • utter treasonable or seditious words or use the King’s name irreverently; or 
  • use his right of speech for the purpose of obstructing the business of the Assembly. 


No member shall interrupt another member who is speaking except by rising to a point of order. A member rising to a point of order shall simply direct attention to the point which he desires to bring to notice and submit to the Speaker for his/her decision. 

Point of Order

A point of order is in effect an objection that the pending matter or proceeding is in violation of a rule of the Assembly. 


Debate must be relevant to the matter or question before the Assembly of the Committee, and where more than one question has been proposed from the Chair the debate must be relevant to the last question so proposed, unit it has been disposed of. 

The Speaker after having called the attention of the Assembly to the conduct of a member who persists in irrelevance or in tedious repetition either of his own arguments or of the arguments used by other members in debate may direct the member to discontinue his speech. 

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