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Montserrat Legislative Assembly


Did you know?

A motion is a proposal moved by one Member in accordance with well-established rules that the Assembly do something, order something done or express an opinion with regard to some matter. 

Power to move

Any member, upon due notice being given, may propose any resolution: Provided, however that except with the consent of the Governor signified by a member of the Legislative Assembly, no member may move a resolution or motion which in the opinion of the Speaker or other person presiding would impose a tax or dispose of or charge any part of the public revenue, or would revoke or vary any disposition of or charge on the public revenue. 

And provided further that no motion the object or effect of which may be to suspend any of the Standing Orders of the Assembly shall be proposed except by or with the consent of the Speaker or other person presiding

Withdrawal of motions

A motion may be withdrawn with the leave of the Assembly, but if so withdrawn may be made at some other meeting of the Assembly. 

Re-introduction of Motions

No motion shall be proposed which is the same in substance as any motion which during the previous six months shall have been resolved in the affirmative or negative. 

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