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Montserrat Legislative Assembly

Newsletter Of The Montserrat Legislature

Volume 1

Issue 4

September 26th, 2022

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*** A special sitting of the Legislative Assembly was held on September 13, 2022 for members of Parliament to express their condolences on the passing of Her Majesty; Queen Elizabeth II.

Upcoming Events

  • Opening of Parliament – September 27, 2022

The Office of The Montserrat Legislature is pleased to offer you the fourth edition of its newsletter.


The Parliament is for the people by the people. Visitors are invited to observe sittings of the assembly and can do this from the public gallery. Below are some of the rules to remember when visiting a Parliamentary sitting:-


Admission to the public gallery is a privilege extended by Parliament, and visitors attending must conform to the established forms of behaviour and dress.  The dress code for persons entering the Chamber is business attire.  Persons must, at all times, be dressed tidily. The following are not allowed within the Chambers:

  • T-shirts; Slippers; Short pants;
  • Track Pants; Vests/merino
  • Apparel with obscene prints;
  • Men must remove their hats upon entering the Chamber.
  • Apparel with Party emblems displayed thereon;
  • The displaying of signs or banners;

Visitors to the Parliament are expected to devote their full attention to the proceedings.  In this regard therefore they are asked to refrain from:

  • Eating, Drinking, Smoking,
  • Loud laughing, Conversing,
  • Walking about, Applauding,
  • Jeering, Clapping or Cheering
  • Standing, Sleeping, Reading,
  • Using cellular phones, or any other communication device that may disrupt the proceedings.
  • Passing notes to Members of Parliament

Members are not to be harassed in any way, in the performance of their duties, and no form of disruption, disturbance or obstruction is permitted.

The following activities within the precincts of the Parliament must be authorized by the Speaker;

  • Photographing & or videography
  • Audio recording & or writing of notes

Other Protocol to Be Observed

  • Everyone must stand for prayers and the administration of Oaths.
  • Once the Honourable Speaker is on his/her feet, no one is permitted to walk. Those in the process of walking when he/she rises must stand in their places until the Honourable Speaker either leaves the Chambers or resumes sitting.
  • The Premier and his Ministers, termed as the Government side, should always sit to the right of the Speaker and the Opposition to the left.

During the week of August 21st to 26th, 2022. The Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, Ms. Charliena White and the Clerk of the Assembly, Mrs. Judith Baker attended the Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference in Halifax Canada.

The 7th annual MSS Orientation week was held successfully during the week of August 30th to September 2nd, 2022. During this week a number of activities were undertaken with approximately fifty grade 6 students transitioning to MSS.

Parliamentary Story; 1952 - 2019

***As we continue to journey through 70 years of Parliamentary Democracy, we will share the Parliamentary story by featuring different aspects of our Parliament’s history in the upcoming newsletters. 


The first general elections, under adult suffrage, took place on February 20, 1952.   This resulted in Montserrat’s first democratic parliament, with William H Bramble as its leader. Along with W. H. Bramble, Robert W. Griffith, Theodore Edgecombe, Michael Walkinshaw, and Brunel W Edwards were elected to serve as Legislators. 

At that time, there were only four constituencies, and five persons could be elected to office for a period of three years.  Those who were successful in the 1952 General Elections were all members of the Montserrat Labour Party.  They contested the general elections under a multi-party democracy and parliamentary system.

It was not until 1961 that members were referred to by their constituencies, for example, Member for Windward or Member for Southern.  Prior to that time, although they ran the affairs of the island and were elected to the Legislative Council they were only referred to as members of the Legislative Council.   However, in 1961 the new constitution made arrangements for them to be referred to in this manner.


  • In what year did Montserrat hold its first democratic elections?


  • Name the successful party that won the first democratic General Elections?


  • Name the first five men to be elected to the first democratic Parliament in Montserrat.


  • In what year did Montserrat receive the constitution that allowed members of Parliament be referred to by their constituencies?

Activity Corner

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Photo Gallery

Remembering Plymouth

Inside the Legislative Assembly in Plymouth - 1972
A contingent at a Queens birthday parade in Sturge Park, Plymouth

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