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Montserrat Legislative Assembly

Newsletter Of The Montserrat Legislature

Volume 1

Issue 1

January 31st, 2022

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  • Welcome
  • Overview of Legislature
  • What is a Government
  • How are Governments Elected
  • Types of Governments
  • Parliament news
  • Activity Corner

Upcoming Events

  • First sitting of the 2022 Calendar year.
  • Celebration of Platinum Jubilee of Parliament under adult suffrage

The Office of The Montserrat Legislature is pleased to offer you the first edition of its newsletter.

As we are expanding our work to keep you fully informed about your Parliament, we shall be paying especial attention to the younger segment of the population.


The Office of the Legislature is the administrative centre of the Legislative Branch of Government.

The Speaker is the ceremonial head and the Clerk is the administrative head of the Montserrat Legislature.

All Parliamentarians fall under the Legislature including the Opposition. The members of the Montserrat Legislature are:

(1)  The Premier

(2)  The Leader of the Opposition

(3)  The Deputy Premier/Minister of Communication, Works, Labour and Energy

(4) The Minister of Education, Health, Social Services and Ecclesiastics Affairs

(5) The Minister of Agriculture, Lands, Housing & the Environment

(6) Parliamentary Secretary

(7) The three Opposition members 


What is a Government?

A government is a group of people elected by the people, to lead the country and manage its affairs.  These persons are also responsible for making the laws that govern the country.

How are Governments Elected?

Governments are elected through General Elections, depending on the particular form of Government. In Montserrat, the Government is elected through a democratic system, at least once every five years.

Types of Governments

At least eight types of Government are practised worldwide.

They are:

Colonialism, Communism, Dictatorship, Democracy, Monarchy, Theocracy, Oligarchy and Socialism.

Parliamentary News:

On Tuesday September 28, 2021, the new parliamentary year was opened with a ceremony held at the Montserrat Cultural Centre. There was a small parade of uniformed bodies and a short opening ceremony in the House, with a parliamentary address given by Ms. Siobhan Tuitt.

Activity Corner

Language Arts

Reuben T Meade was born in Salem, on 7 March, 1954, Meade completed both his Primary and Secondary education in Montserrat and studied for his degrees at the University of the West Indies, Mananga University in Switzerland and Bradford University in the United Kingdom.

 Meade is a general Economist, and an Agricultural Economist, and a Banking and Finance Specialist holding a degree in Agricultural Credit Management. He has been a Project Analyst with the Caribbean Development Bank, Financial Controller of the Sea Island Cotton Company, and Director of Development for the Government of Montserrat. He has also been a teacher – in Montserrat after completing MSS and later, in Jamaica.

Meade was elected the 4th Chief Minister of Montserrat in 1991, at the age of 37, thereby making him the youngest person to attain such a high office in Government. As his name was etched in Montserrat, so too was it etched in Caribbean history as, with this election he became the youngest head of Government in the Caribbean Community, CARICOM.

In addition, Meade became the first Premier of Montserrat in 2011, when a new Constitution was enacted. RTM as he is commonly referred to, served the country as the Chief Minister in 1991 and then again in 2009. Meade’s political career spans twenty-five years until he retired from active politics in 2016.

Mr. Meade has five children and is married to Joan Meade nee Delsol, a Methodist minister.

He is also a sportsman who has earned trophies in tennis and squash.

Question and Answer

  1. When and where was Mr Meade born?
  2. In what year did Mr. Meade first become Chief Minister?
  3. Where did Mr. Meade go to university?
  4. How many times was Mr Meade the leader
    of the Government of Montserrat? What
    were his titles?

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Photo Gallery

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