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Montserrat Legislative Assembly

Making Parliament Relevant to a Younger Generation

A nation is made strong when those with more knowledge and experience are willing to pass on information, good values and general expertise to those who are coming behind them. With this understanding, the Office of the Montserrat Legislative Assembly has developed outreach activities aimed at engaging the youth and assisting in their development.  Schools are welcome to reach out to the Department for input where needed.

Honourable Speaker, Ms Charliena White and the Sergeant at Arms

Honourable Speaker, Ms Charliena White understands the importance of outreach and is actively involved in this undertaking.  In the photo above, we see the power of demonstration as the she arrives to make a presentation.  She has the rapt attention of the class, even before she begins.  In this environment, children are likely to be motivated to learn.  Not only this, they are also likely to remember the occasion of the arrival of the Speaker and the lesson, which followed on the political system and Government in Montserrat.

It is not unusual for Speakers to engage students on different topics.  In Trinidad for instance, students are invited to the Parliament where they are exposed to information related to the Parliament or democracy.  Former Speaker of the House of Commons in the UK, the Rt Hon John Bercow, was quite involved with the Parliamentary Outreach programme. According to the School of Politics and International Studies, of the University of Leeds, “Following a seminar with our Politics with Parliamentary Studies Pathway students, Mr Speaker presented to a wider audience from across the University.  Current Speaker of the House of Commons, Rt Hon Sir Lindsay Hoyle, supports or run various initiatives in order to help make Parliament relevant to a wider audience.

The Office of the Montserrat Legislative Assembly is committed to its outreach activities for students and the community on a whole, as it believes that the investment will result in a more knowledgeable citizenry, as it relates to the democratic system of Government practiced in Montserrat and the operations of the Montserrat Legislative Assembly.