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Montserrat Legislative Assembly

Forging Closer Ties with the House of Commons in Ottawa, Canada

The 54th Annual Meeting of the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) was recently attended by the Honourable Premier, Joseph Farrell and Financial Secretary Mrs Lindorna Sweeney. While in Ottawa, they utilised the opportunity to present a gift to the Honourable Greg Fergus, the Speaker of the House of Commons, on behalf of the Honourable Speaker and the Legislative Assembly of Montserrat.

On October 3, 2023, Speaker Greg Fergus assumed the post of Speaker of the House of Commons. He is the 38th Speaker of the House of Commons and the first person of colour to be elected to the position.

At Speaker Fergus’ request, the House of Commons agreed to build and gift a Clerk’s table to the Montserrat Legislature. This table will be ready for use in the new parliament building.

Fergus is of Montserrat origin, as his grandfather moved to Canada from Montserrat.

It is hoped that the visit by the Honourable Members from Montserrat will deepen ties between the two Parliaments.

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