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Montserrat Legislative Assembly

Petitioning Parliament

A petition to Parliament is a formal written request calling for some sort of action from the Legislative Assembly or the Government.

Petitions can be a great way to get your voice heard in Parliament on an issue you feel strongly about.

  1. A petition must be addressed to the Legislative Assembly.
  2. It must conclude with a prayer setting out the general objectives of the petitioners.
  3. Bear the signature of the petitioners.
  4. Be endorsed by the person presenting the same to the fact that it is his/her opinion.
  5. Should be respectfully and properly worded.

How to submit, publish and promote your Petition

  1. Write your petition. In your petition you need to ask the Legislative Assembly or Government to do something they have the power to do.
  2. Gather support. Give the details of people who support your petition before it is published.
  3. Share and promote your petition through social media to gain support.
  4. Submit your petition to a Legislature Member and ask them to present it on your behalf to the Legislative Assembly.
  5. Your petition is checked. The legislative Assembly will check your petition to ensure it meets the standards for petitions. Petitions are sometimes rejected for incorrect formatting.

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